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Learn in your own home and at your own pace

Everything available online from day one. Study Spanish and improve your grasp of the language at your own pace, wherever you are and whenever it suits you.

Improve all areas of your Spanish

Get results using the method designed by Elena Prieto, creator of Tu escuela de español, with dozens of videos, audio clips and exercises.

Practical, easy-to-access learning

Online courses are the least expensive and most straightforward way to understand, talk and read Spanish. Access to all of my exclusive content from just €20.75 per month.

What does the Zona Premium include?

Hundreds of exercises and audio-visual clips using the Tu escuela de español method to help you to understand, read and speak Spanish wherever you are, at your own pace

5 different courses

Lessons using videos

Hundreds of exercises

Downloadable content


Exclusive benefits

All of the Zona Premium content is entirely in Spanish. Why?

Because I believe that this is the best way to learn a new language, even though you might find it a little challenging to begin with. The instructions and explanations for each lesson are adjusted to the appropriate level, so they can be understood right from beginner levels.

Choose the programme that suits you best

The Zona Premium in Tu escuela de español contains all the courses you need to learn Spanish from scratch, or to improve your existing level in different areas. Choose from the options below and start learning.














The Zona Premium in Tu escuela de español gives you immediate and unlimited access to all the content of its 5 online courses, which you can study at your own pace and wherever you like. You can subscribe for as long as you like.

How long the different courses last depends on you and your study pace. I am sure that if you systematically work through my lessons, your Spanish will improve in a very short space of time.

I offer you almost 200 lessons with dozens of videos, audio clips and other image-based material, all accompanied with plenty of exercises. Hours and hours of study material to help you learn Spanish.

The Zona Premium offers courses and lessons tailored for all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. If you don’t speak any Spanish at all, you can start off with beginner-level lessons and gradually learn the most important topics in all areas: grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

However, bear in mind that all of the content of my online courses is entirely in Spanish, because I believe that this is the best way to learn a new language, even though you might find it a little challenging to begin with.

To help you with this, I have designed an audio-visual method that is easy to understand and retain and which will help you to understand, read and speak Spanish.

You can learn Spanish online with the Zona Premium courses at your own pace and flexibly, because the lessons are short and focus on specific topics.

Courses follow a learning pathway based on the Cervantes Institute Curriculum, and your progress will depend on how much time you spend studying topics and practising to improve your Spanish.

Of course it is! Learning Spanish using my method is straightforward if you spend sufficient time on it, because it’s an image-based method which makes complex topics easier to grasp and remember. If you work through the lessons and exercises systematically, you’ll see an improvement in no time at all.

You can use the Zona Premium courses offered by Tu escuela de español to improve your Spanish in general, or you can concentrate on specific areas that you find difficult or have more problems with, such as grammar, verb tenses, vocabulary, text and listening comprehension, or spelling.

It depends on the type of subscription you choose. The quarterly and the annual subscriptions give access from the beginning to all the contents of the five online courses in the Zona Premium, but the monthly subscription includes initial access to 100 lessons (half of the content) and progressive unlocking of the rest of the lessons in the following five months.

This private area is completely online and all the educational material is available on this website. In the Zona Premium you will find hundreds of videos, exercises, audio clips and downloadable PDF files, which I regularly update and add to.

For as long as you are a member of my student community, you will have FREE access to all the updates and new content I create for my online courses.

You can pay with a debit or credit card, or by PayPal. When you make your purchase, you will need to create a username and password which you will then use to log in to the Zona Premium.

Each Zona Premium subscriber has their own private user area where they can see when the next payment is due, change payment method, cancel their subscription renewal, or change their username or password.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription renewal whenever you like. You can choose to pay monthly, quarterly or annually for Zona Premium. If you pay monthly, you will have access to my online courses for 30 days; if you pay quarterly, for 3 months, and if you pay annually, for 1 year. All the payment plans are automatically renewable. You can renew as often as you like, or cancel your subscription whenever you like.

Once you have cancelled your subscription, you can still enjoy the benefits of my audio-visual method for learning Spanish up until the last day of the period you have paid for. After this, you will not be charged any further payments by Tu escuela de español.

No, subscriptions to Tu escuela de español are individual and this private area containing my online courses can only be used by the user who paid the subscription fee.

If you are interested in having multiple users, write to contacto@tuescueladeespanol.es to know the special prices of multiple subscriptions.

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